Why Choose Ambition?

What are your biggest dreams? If money weren’t a problem, what would you do with your life? Would you travel? Would you drive fancy cars and live in a mansion? Would you donate to charity for a cause you support? If all the bills and expenses of daily living were suddenly taken care of, what would you do? I look around me today, and I’m shocked. I’m shocked at the number of people who settle for average. In a world so plentiful and full of abundance, why do we settle for bread crumbs?

Why Choose Ambition?

Why Choose Ambition?

Perhaps you’re someone who’s just getting by. Maybe you’re living from paycheck to paycheck. Maybe the multitude of credit card payments is starting to overwhelm you, or perhaps the mortgage is eating you alive. Whatever your situation, there’s a way to fight back. America, even in troubled economic times, offers unheralded opportunity for financial advancement. The title of this article is “Why Choose Ambition?” It poses a very important question, but one that I’m going to answer for you.

What It Means To Choose Ambition

Most people WANT an extraordinary life, but they aren’t willing to go for it. They aren’t willing to put aside their bad habits and personal fears to actively build a real future. Instead, they’re much more content to cross their fingers and hope for a miracle. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but financial miracles are created not found. Your life will never change unless YOU at first change. Your bank account will never grow unless YOU at first grow. This is what it means to choose ambition. It’s the investment you make in your own personal skills. It’s the unwillingness to take “no” for an answer.

Wealth, to me, is an essential part of life. Money is a tool. Capital is what allows you to really start living. Think of all the things you’d love to do but can’t because of money. Think of all the questions I asked at the beginning. Why not you? What makes you any less deserving? There are plenty of people out there who are less qualified, less talented, and less skilled than you are, yet they’re making more money. Why is that? Why do some people get wealthy while others just get by? Well, allow me to give you the answer.

Only The Elite Choose Ambition

In the video I created for this article, I talked about a very special number. That number is 5%. Only 5% of people earn enough money to retire from the income of their own personal resources. That means that a whopping 95% of people can be deemed as DEPENDENT. Isn’t that amazing? In a country as blessed as America, only 5% of its citizens are truly independent (financially speaking). This is an alarming statistic, but it’s easily explained. The reason so few people ever experience success, is simply because they accept mediocrity. They don’t choose ambition.

So why should you choose ambition? Why should you make the rare choice to be part of the 5%? Wouldn’t it take lots of work and tons of time to ever see real results? Normally, yes. Entering the world of entrepreneurship is a scary and confusing thing, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, my sole purpose in creating this website is to help people like you. I want to help people become financially independent by guiding them down the right path. I want us to get there together.

Why I Decided To Choose Ambition

I decided to choose ambition about seven months ago. At that time, I was at a severe low point in my life. I was depressed from a recently failed relationship, and my grandfather had just passed away. On top of that, I was a college graduate working a minimum wage job with little motivation to change. Life was a chore, and I was wasting mine away. Then, one day, something happened. I came across a webpage online that forever changed my life. I discovered something magical.

What did I find? What did I discover that instantly changed my mindset? In the face of great tragedy and personal anguish, what opened my eyes and transformed my thinking? It was a mentor. I stumbled across the website of Jonathan Register, an average guy with an above average vision. Suddenly, after months of worrying about my financial future, the answer had fallen into my lap. I started the process of learning almost instantly, and I’ve never looked back since.

You see, I came to understand that wealth is something you attract by the person you become. I set about finding the right information, and I made sure to study it daily. If wealth is what you seek, then you need to study wealth. You need to learn from those who’ve already climbed the ladder. The security of an average job may seem quite comfortable, but it offers little in terms of potential. This is why it’s wise to choose ambition. This is why a home business opportunity is the truest form of capitalism.

Why Choose Ambition?

Why Choose Ambition?

I’m still on my journey from nobody to somebody. I’m still in the beginning stages of my wealth accumulation. Nevertheless, I don’t fear failure. In fact, I KNOW for a certainty that I will reach my goal. It’s only a matter of time. The right mindset + the right plan + the right action = the right results. I’d love to have you join me. I’d love to watch you give your job the boot. Ultimately, however, you have to choose ambition. You have to decide for yourself what you want out of life.

So what’s it gonna be? Are you going to keep living as part of the 95%? Are you going to settle for dead hopes and wishes? I’d strongly discourage it. Why not choose ambition instead? Why not invest in yourself? Why not take the time to learn the necessary skills and abilities? The only thing holding you back from success is your own fear and laziness. Be part of the 5% that don’t let that stop them.

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