Who Says It Has To Be Tough?

Who says building your business has to be tough?

Who says it has to be hard or difficult?

I think a lot of times we view our business as some monumental undertaking. We look at it as some megalithic task that takes tons of time and loads of energy.

What if it wasn’t?

What if it were easy?

These are questions that entered my mind when I first started growing. In trying to build my business, I noticed that all of my struggles were a result of my own thinking.

What made me look at things from such a negative perspective?

Why did I feel that making money was so hard?

After thinking things over for a good long while, I realized that it was all programming.

From the time we are young, it’s literally programmed into our brains that making money is HARD. We’re taught that money is a limited resource. We’re told it “doesn’t grow on trees.”

Well, money may not “grow” on trees, but it is made from paper.

Years of personal development was finally paying off, and it was doing so by showing me that thinking is the key.

I had to re-program my mind to think a different way.

I realized that if I saw my business as a fun and exciting opportunity, something easy and enjoyable to build, then I’d be much more motivated to go out there and build it.

This was such a HUGE realization!!!

My mind kept going back to a quote from Jim Rohn that finally made sense…

“If you will be willing to change, then everything will change for you.”


Now that I knew that building my business wasn’t some impossible task, all I needed was some practical guidance to show me what to do.

I needed a daily plan.

That’s when I came across the 100-Day Biz Builder Challenge


What this challenge did for me was to give me true clarity. There’s a certain method people use to really make it in home business. It’s not some magic formula or crazy algorithm, but it is a way of doing things.

But here’s the good part…

It’s EASY!

What’s EASY?

I’ll use Jim Rohn’s wise words once again: “EASY is something you can do.”


As we enter a brand new year, my challenge to you is to fine-tune your attitude. Start viewing your business as something easy and fun. Look at it as an exciting opportunity that is not constrained by limits.

2014 will be for you whatever you want it to be. It can be a year of great success, or it can be a year of standing still. Make the decision right now to make it a year of success.

Grab your copy of the 100-Day Biz Builder challenge for 14 weeks of step-by-step guidance…


Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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