Where Do I Start??? (Part 3)

The first two segments of this series have discussed two distinct and very important realities to recognize when starting a home business. They are as follows:

1. You WILL have to put money in if you expect to make a profit.

2. You WILL have to lead with value if you want to be taken seriously.

Both of these statements are factual. It’s impossible to make money without first putting money in, and it’s impossible to be taken seriously without first leading with value.

Where Do I Start??? (Part 3)

Where Do I Start??? (Part 3)

These are indisputable business realities. If you’re at odds with either of these truths, then you might want to reconsider starting a home business.

In regards to investing in your enterprise, a great deal of this money should be spent on proper training. I emphasize the word “proper” when I say this. In an effort to guide you in the best possible direction, I mentioned three very good options to consider in this regard.

They were:

A. Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” e-book

B. The MLSP Training System

C. Jonathan Register’s Internet Wealth Blueprint

It is my personal belief that these three things will prepare you more to grow your business than any other items. Even for those on a tight budget, start-up costs with these three trainings would still be under $200 (if choosing MLSP Academy). That’s not to say that additional courses wouldn’t still be necessary (as you should never stop learning), but these three are a great place to start.

The goal, as mentioned in previous lessons, is to find a way to pay for these training costs at the same time you incur them. By selecting good training with accompanying affiliate programs, you give yourself this ability.

Affiliate marketing of high-quality products simultaneously allows you to practice business skills, meet new people, help those people and offset your training costs. In fact, as you continue to learn and grow, there’s a very real possibility that you can actually turn a profit!

Real business owners invest in themselves, and they do so with full intent of making that investment pay off. If you have the self-confidence to pay for good training, then that same self-confidence will eventually lead to making that money back (often by marketing that very same course).

In addition to the practical skills developed through good training, ethical and leadership skills are also quite important. People join people, NOT companies. If you really want to make it in business, then you need to lead with VALUE.

People, especially high-quality prospects, don’t respond to “pitches.” All the links, product samples and company accolades you could possibly give, do little when compared to yourself. People look at YOU. Are you the type of person who YOU would want to work with? If the answer is no, then why would anyone else?

Value is such an important concept to internalize. As bad as you may want to make money, you need to put that on the back burner and focus on helping others. The only way to receive is to first be willing to give. Lead with value instead of fluff. Put other people first.

The third distinct reality to consider when starting a business, and the main subject of today’s writing, is to commit to making it work.

3. You WILL have to commit to success if you ever want to realize it.

Commitment to success means doing everything possible to make your business work. By purchasing good training and leading with value, you’re in the right position. These two things alone, however, are not enough to make it. You have to be willing to truly COMMIT.

Commitment, in a home business sense, means consistently taking action to increase your market value. This is done through knowledge acquisition, yes, but it’s also done through constant interaction. This means that commitment to success will sometimes require stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Network marketing is all about relationships. It’s about talking to people and getting to know them. It’s about calling people on the phone. It’s about doing things that scare you. Your level of commitment to success is the only thing that will determine whether or not you find it.

A great many business owners get permanently stuck in neutral because they fear the wrath of others. They fear rejection and criticism. Use your strong commitment to overcome these fears. The more you do a particularly uncomfortable task, the easier it will become. It’s simply a matter of sticking with it.

The formula, therefore, looks like this:

Confidence + Credibility + Commitment = Cash

Turning a profit in home business is as simple as these 4 C’s.

Confidence is exhibited and demonstrated through the purchase of proper training. This training instructs you in the practical and necessary business skills which enable you to effectively market (i.e. marketing, advertising, online strategies, etc…).

Once you learn how to market, the next step is doing so with the utmost integrity and value. This creates credibility, which in turn develops trust between you and your target market.

Lastly, a strong sense of commitment keeps your business on the rise. Success avoids the lazy.

You can have all the tools necessary to build a giant mansion, but the material means nothing if you never put it to use. The same is true of knowledge. You can have all the knowledge necessary to build a profitable business, but the information means nothing if you never actually use it. You have to apply what you learn.

Remember these three steps when first starting out in business, and you’ll always have a compass by which to guide your actions:

1. You WILL have to put money in if you expect to make a profit.

2. You WILL have to lead with value if you want to be taken seriously.

3. You WILL have to commit to success if you ever want to realize it.

Focus on these three things, and the cash will take care of itself.

We’ll continue on our journey next time.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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