Where Do I Start??? (Part 2)

Last time, I talked about the first of three distinct realities you need to come to terms with when deciding to start a business.

That first point was as follows:

1. You WILL have to put money in if you expect to make a profit.

I also mentioned three wonderful training options to consider when starting out.

Where Do I Start??? (Part 2)

Where Do I Start??? (Part 2)

These were:

A. Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” e-book

B. The MLSP Training System

C. Jonathan Register’s Internet Wealth Blueprint

Learning and growing is a part of getting better. By investing in yourself and in the right type of professional training, you put yourself on the fast track to economic success. As I said last time, the key when starting out is to find a way to pay for your training and advertising costs at the same time you incur them.

Most people who start a home business make a very grave mistake. They’re very hesitant and unwilling to put any money in, so they never really grow. They never learn the skills and abilities necessary for success, so they never get any better. This type of attitude reflects a state of fear.

The confident business owner, even if they’re new, recognizes the potential that affiliate programs offer. If you’re doing things right and following the training, then there’s no reason you should ever lose money. Don’t doubt your abilities to market.

Let’s use MLSP as an example. At first glimpse, MLSP may seem like a very costly training if you come in at the Mastery Level. It is, after all, nearly $150 a month.

The average person, coming from a state of lack, looks at this price and scoffs.

“How in the world can I ever afford that?”

“That’s way too much money for me.”

“Are you kidding?”

The business owner, however, takes a much different stance. Although conscious of the higher price level, an entrepreneur will weigh the issue exactly for what it’s worth.

Entrepreneurs do homework. Rather than simply dismiss an opportunity at the very first glance, a resourceful individual will look at the total picture.

This is exactly what prompted me to join at the Mastery Level. It had nothing to do with my available funds at the moment. Instead, I made my decision after much calculation and a fair cost/benefit analysis.

Knowing that MLSP pays out $100 per person monthly commissions to affiliates who sign up a Mastery member, I concluded that I could easily recoup my initial investment and even earn a profit, possibly as fast as one month.

All I had to do was sign up two other people.

This realization, combined with the high quality training which would also be available to me, made my decision quite simple.

A high level of confidence, mixed with the patience and foresight to look at the bigger picture, creates a foundation for smart analysis. Smart business owners dig. They research. They don’t make choices, one way or the other, on the basis of blind emotion. They calculate.

Think like a CEO!

Invest in training that can profit you twofold. By choosing MLSP Mastery, not only did I give myself access to the best and most comprehensive training platform available, but I also found a way to make it financially profitable.

I killed two birds with one stone.

As for the second distinct reality you need to come to terms with when deciding to start a business, this one is especially important.

2. You WILL have to lead with value if you want to be taken seriously.

Let’s face it. We’ve all seen those “business owners” who spam Facebook groups with links. You know who I mean, those people so used to “pitching” they could probably play for the Yankees.

The last thing you want to do, when starting to build a business, is to come off desperate and selfish. The point of your business is to help other people.

You want to provide others with a solution to their problem, not maul them with a solution to your own.

People aren’t stupid. They can see right through a liar or a scam artist. Lead with honest value. Serve your target market. Act like a real business owner.

When’s the last time you saw your local grocery store owner stand on the street corner and SCREAM out his deals?

I know I’ve never seen it.

Fluff is annoying. It’s selfish, stupid and destroys all credibility. You want to lead with value. You want to “attract” others to you (see “Magnetic Sponsoring”).

This is an extremely important point to recognize when first starting out in business. It will save you many insults, much frustration and countless wasted hours.

Well, I’m already running long. We’ll pick back up here next time!

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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