Where Do I Start??? (Part 1)

I’m not exactly sure how many “independent distributors” there are in the myriad of network marketing companies and home business opportunities available today. Suffice it to say that there are probably more than expected.

Many of these are inactive. Many more are working clueless. All things considered, very few have any real business experience or recruiting expertise. In short, the home business industry is overrun with newbies.

Where Do I Start??? (Part 1)

Where Do I Start??? (Part 1)

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Business principles and strategies are easy enough to learn. The real problem, for the most part, stems from ignorance and laziness. To make it as a business owner, you need to think and act like a business owner. You need to treat your business seriously.

If you don’t have the discipline or the patience to take this kind of stance, then you might want to stop and learn it. Attitude is everything. Failure to adopt the right type of attitude is fatal to success. This is particularly true in business.

YOU are the CEO.

YOU are the boss.

YOU are the one in charge.

It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility to take on, but it’s a most important step to recognize. This is precisely why I’ve spent so much time on the subject of personal development. You need to start seeing your business for exactly what it is- YOUR business. You want to treat it with respect.

This all precedes the idea of building. It comes before the action. Your attitude has to be there first, or you’ll never see real results. Decisions are based on mindset. Therefore, unless you have the right type of thinking, you’ll never amount to much.

So, assuming your attitude is in order, where should you begin?

Well, there are three distinct realities you need to come to terms with when deciding to start a business:

  1. You WILL have to put money in if you expect to make a profit.

This should be common sense. It should be understood. Still, a very good number of business owners don’t want to spend the money. This is a business. There’s such a thing as “operating costs” that can’t be overlooked.

What sort of reputable company sends out advertising agents or sales representatives who don’t have proper training?

What sort of CEO runs a sham like that?

No company would last very long without the proper training, and seeing as YOU run your business, YOU need to invest in some. As a general rule, you should be prepared to spend AT LEAST one thousand dollars on courses and books that can teach you the skills you need.

Most training products today come with some sort of affiliate program. In other words, you can make money back by promoting what you buy. This is a brilliant idea, and it benefits all involved. The savvy entrepreneur finds ways to pay for his training by marketing it outward to others.

Failure to do this will put you in debt pretty quick. It will leave you both bitter and broke. The key to starting out right is finding a way to pay for your training and advertising costs at the same time you incur them. Selecting reputable and high-quality training is a great way to do this. There are many different options out there, but here are a few of the best:

A. “Magnetic Sponsoring”

“Magnetic Sponsoring” is Mike Dillard’s famous e-book on attraction marketing. In my opinion, this one is essential. You can read the whole thing in the matter of a day, but it’s a very powerful writing. Failure to employ the concepts within this book can only lead to trouble. You’ll be chasing prospects from a position of weakness.


Price: $39.95

It also comes with an affiliate program that allows you to market it outward. How many sales do you think it would take to make up forty dollars? Not very many…

B. MyLeadSystemPRO

Second to “Magnetic Sponsoring,” and in some ways even more important, is the MLSP training system. This is perhaps the most helpful and profitable training platform to ever be created. I attribute more of my own success and growth to this particular system than to any other source. It’s invaluable.

Although its name places emphasis on the idea of generating “leads,” I find MLSP to be much more than that. It gives you all the tools you need to make it in this industry and a whole lot more on top. All you have to do is take action.

As an added incentive, MLSP is very affordable for the content it provides, and it also includes an affiliate program. Below are the prices by level:


Price: $2 for a 3-day trial and $19.97/month thereafter


Price: $9.97 for a 14-day trial and $49.97/month thereafter


Price: $149.97/month

I personally pay for the “Mastery” membership inside of MLSP, but for those of you on a very tight budget, “Academy” is a great place to start.

There’s no better system around.

C. Jonathan Register’s “Internet Wealth Blueprint”

If MLSP is a little too rich for you to invest in at the start, Jonathan Register’s “Internet Wealth Blueprint” is a wonderful alternative. Ultimately, I would highly recommend both products for their unique approach to business, but either one is great.

This course takes you from step one, the very beginning, and turns you into an expert. In addition to the content, the instructor is very helpful and very friendly, spelling out every detail for those who might be lost. It’s a very good product (and also comes with an affiliate program).


Price: $97 (charged three days after purchase)

These are the three products/courses which I’ve found to be most beneficial from my time spent in study. I’ve bought a great deal more than these, but these are the best of the best.

Well, I’m already running a bit long. We’ll pick back up here next time.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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