The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle (Part 2)

Last time, I began a lesson on something I call “The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle.”

Everyone who fails and everyone who succeeds in this industry, does so as a result of this cycle. Unfortunately, the negative side of this equation sees way more people than the positive. This is a result of poor beliefs and limiting behaviors.

Part one discussed some of these behaviors in detail, going as far as to divide home business failures into two key categories.

The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle (Part 2)

The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle (Part 2)

Just to refresh your memory, here they are again:

1. The first group of failures is made up of people who don’t want to invest. They want a lifestyle comparable to athletes and entertainers, but they aren’t willing to purchase or spend anything.

2. The second group of failures, much like the first, struggle with making commitment. These are business owners who invest in training, even good products, but who never follow through on things. They don’t implement the strategies they learn.

Business owners who fall into either one of these categories are planning to fail from the start.

You see, “The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle” starts with your potential.

All of us are gifted with a certain level of ability. Although this gift may vary from person to person, everyone has some.

What you do with this potential, however, is entirely up to you. How you view it and if you use it are totally your decision.

This leads us to the second part of the “Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle,” which is the idea of taking action. How you view your own potential, regardless of how much you have, directly influences the amount of action you take.

If you see yourself as someone capable of achieving great things, then your action will follow suit.

If you see yourself as someone incapable of achieving great things, then you won’t take much action at all.

Your personal view of your own potential will influence how you behave.

How you view yourself will direct your level of action, which will in turn create your results. This is the third element of “The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle.”

Your results are dependent on your actions, which in turn are dependent on how you view yourself. These results, in turn, work to reinforce this initial belief – which starts the cycle all over again.

Reinforcement, therefore, is the fourth element present.

When all put together, “The Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle” looks a little something like this:

Potential – Action – Results – Reinforcement

Entrepreneurs, both successful and unsuccessful, all take part in this cycle.

The difference is how they take part in it.

Negative business owners have zero faith in their own level of potential. As a result of this lacking mindset, they take little action and see little positive results. This lack of success then reinforces their initial belief, trapping them in failure.

Positive business owners have great faith in their own level of potential. As a result of this abundant belief, they take massive action and see great results. This growth of success then reinforces their initial belief, propelling them to freedom.

That’s the only difference. It’s all a matter of faith, learning and implementation.

Approach your business with the mindset that success is in your future. When you invest in a product or training course, believe that it can work for you. Too many people purchase a product and envision it failing for them. They buy reluctantly and never fully commit.

Go for something more! Believe that you can do it! Make this “Self-Fulfilling Business Cycle” work to your advantage.

Most entrepreneurs fail because they really don’t believe. They don’t truly believe that they can see any real success, and their actions reflect this belief.

Set yourself apart from the crowd!

Be the next success story!

“It takes guts to believe. And if you think something’s gonna do it for you without you putting your guts on the line, then you might as well forget it right now.” – Tony Robbins

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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