The Real Secret To Wealth

Wealth is desired. It’s that auspicious anomaly that causes a wide degree of reaction amongst a conflicted population. Wealthy people are hated, scorned, despised, and besmirched. At the same time, however, they also elicit feelings of admiration, envy, esteem, and hope. Many people claim to know the real secret to wealth. You see it everywhere. Books have been printed by the thousands with claims of its knowledge, loudly boasting guaranteed success for a nominal one-time fee. Having read several such books, weighed my own life experiences, and studied the lives of the wealthy themselves, I’ve come to my own conclusion. Yes, there is a real secret to wealth. Yes, I also happen to know what it is. Read what this article has to say, and you will soon know it too.

The Real Secret To Wealth

The Real Secret To Wealth

I used to think that wealth was only attainable through luck or heritage. I was very cynical. I perfected the art of blaming fate, cursing the winds of misfortune for my failures. I moaned, whined, cried, and lamented, but I didn’t do anything about it. My mindset was entirely incorrect. Wealth was the product of fairy tales, the dream of the foolish and naive. I adopted this viewpoint to comfort my own shortcomings, never fully coming to terms with the actual problem within. This is the first place to start when it comes to seeking wealth. You need to accept responsibility for your own life. Cynicism is fatal to productivity and success, stifling creativity and assassinating ambition. Unless you lose the desire to be a cynic, then you’ll never formulate a mindset for wealth.

The Real Secret To Wealth Starts Here

Once your mindset is in proper order, the next step is in knowing what you want. The definition of wealth is a question in itself. Many people feel that wealth and riches are the same exact thing. I, for one, believe wealth to be much more than just money. Wealth encompasses a vast array of tangible and intangible materials. Wealth is what you have, how you feel, and who you are. It’s what you have to show for your life and for your thinking. The real secret to wealth starts in understanding this philosophy. If you’re only after money, then you aren’t ready to acquire it. Money and financial assets are only a small part of wealth. Don’t make the mistake of solely chasing riches.

As simple as this starting point may seem, it’s exactly the place where most people fail. I like to view things positively. If one person can accomplish something, then it’s obviously doable. Rather than blast wealthy people with hatred and resentment for reaching a high goal, why not change your mindset? Why not go after your own dreams and desires? This is the quality of courage. Fear speaks out from within, whispering negative and distracting comments. Only those willing to conquer it are worthy of the prize. Thus, the real secret to wealth begins with a proper mindset, a correct definition of what wealth is, and the the courage to go after it.

The Real Secret To Wealth Requires Discipline

Discipline is rare these days. Most people “live for today.” Do what feels good. Do what’s popular. Do what you want. This is the creed of the modern-day citizen. Discipline is by far the most important aspect of the real secret to wealth. Failure to discipline one’s time, energy, and money will always doom the perpetrator. Nevertheless, this is exactly what most people do. I used to be horrible when it came to self-discipline. I did whatever I wanted to each day, never drawing a connection between my actions and results. It was only after honestly assessing my conduct that I came to see the truth. My lack of discipline was costing me a chance at a fruitful life. Wealth and happiness were nowhere in sight, and I only had myself to blame.

There’s a saying that I find quite interesting. I learned it from listening to a seminar by Jim Rohn, the late business philosopher and entrepreneur. It goes something like this: “Everyone must suffer either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” The pain of discipline may be uncomfortable for a short time, but the end reward is always worth the sacrifice. Conversely, the pain or regret is an endless pain. It’s a consuming fire of destructive realization. Regret is a feeling of helplessness and disillusionment, a remorse for an action that is no longer repairable. How sad for the person who experiences this pain, especially at the end of their life. Be wise to guard against this terrible experience. Choose present discipline over future regret.

The Real Secret To Wealth

The Real Secret To Wealth

The Final Ingredient In The Real Secret To Wealth

Having begun your journey to wealth with the proper mindset and the right amount of discipline, there’s only one thing left to discuss. The final ingredient in the real secret to wealth is invisible. To give it a name would be impossible, but it’s a very real element that dwells in your very soul. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to a fire. Within your soul is an unlit fire, a fire of ambition. When lit, this fire burns bright enough for all the world to see. It consumes all barriers, obstacles, fears, and hindrances. It shines forth like a beacon in the night, lighting the path to success and wealth.

For a long time, my fire lay dormant. In fact, I didn’t even know it was there. It was only after I sharpened my eyesight that I was finally able to see it. By developing my mindset, finding courage, and practicing discipline, I was able to set alight a stunningly sharp blaze. Fed with perseverance, desire, and unquenchable motivation, my fire now rages mightily. I have now begun a walk down the road to great wealth. I have no doubt in my mind that so long as my fire is lit, there is nothing I can’t do. The same thing goes for you. Are you ready to light your fire?

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