The One Trait All Winners Have

When it comes to business, everyone has an opinion on what makes for success and advancement. For the past six months, I’ve spent a great deal of my time studying wealth and strategy. Countless nights of reading and analysis have taught me new things. In fact, much of my own personal philosophy has stemmed from this experience. It’s amazing what you can learn from listening to the right people. In truth, that’s my main purpose for creating this website. I want to help you go far. All of the information which I’ve been privileged to discover, I now want to share with you. This post is where it starts. There is one trait all winners have, and you’re about to find out what it is.

So what is this one trait all winners have? What is it that sets apart the successful from the average? Well, it’s a very definite quality which dwells within us all. There’s a reason why so few people ever accomplish anything. Strictly speaking, the vast majority of individuals are limited in vision. People are content to just get by. Taught from a young age to fit into a system, it takes a unique personality to dare to be different. My mind immediately drifts to a recent television ad. It’s probably been a few years now, but I can recall a Dr. Pepper commercial which spoke of this trait. In the commercial (shown below), the people are making a very clear statement. Have you guessed what it is yet? They’re being themselves. This special quality is one of individualism.

Finding The One Trait All Winners Have

All of us are unique in our own way. The habits, behaviors, and actions of a person help determine who they are. Invariably, our very thinking serves to set us apart from one another. I’m different than you are because of my personal beliefs. These beliefs, formed through life experience and values, help make me who I am. Similarly, you are who you are for the same exact reasons. No two people have ever been the same. The world is composed of billions of minds. What sets you apart? What makes you stand out from the crowd? The people who succeed in life (and business) are the ones who aren’t afraid. They aren’t afraid to be themselves or stand for something bigger. They’ve found the one trait all winners have, and they use it every day.

It seems almost silly to think that the answer could be so simple. Who wouldn’t want to be themselves? Who wouldn’t want to follow their heart? Well, believe it or not, a great many people just want to fit in. There’s a deadly philosophy that preaches conformity. The premise is such that congruity is safe. Rather than risk being laughed at or hated, most people will break. I’m sure you’ve seen this. In a situation where the right stance is unpopular or atypical, the pressure to wilt is immense. Outside forces are relentless and fierce, clawing and ripping at the heart and the mind. Therefore, the one trait all winners have is courage- the courage to be themselves. Individualism and strength of character are essentials to success, but they’re also just as rare. As a matter of fact, few people breathing even know what they are.

Exercising The One Trait All Winners Have

Allow me to tell you a story which illustrates this point. I believe that life should be fun. In working my current day job, I’ve been lucky enough to encounter a few people who also think this way. Despite the normal collection of stuffy and by-the-book personalities, a few of us try to make our jobs more interesting. The result has been an elaborate prank war. I’ve always been one to joke and laugh, but many people view work as a place to be miserable. Follow the rules. Do as you’re told. Be quiet. It’s almost as if life stops for people once they take a certain job. Frustrating though this may be, it hasn’t stopped me from filling one co-worker’s lunchbox with packing peanuts, decorating the outside with pictures, and even creating a robot out of it. This is me. I’m not afraid to exercise the one trait all winners have– to be myself.

Now creating Mr. Playmate Box may not lead to business success, but it keeps my mind on track. It keeps me alive. Many people working traditional jobs are like hamsters on a wheel. They go to work, punch the clock, do their job, then go home. They willingly act as a cog in a machine, lending their time for a bi-weekly paycheck. Shouldn’t life be more than that? Shouldn’t it be a journey of excitement and passion? Like me, you may also work an average job. Unlike me, however, you may not be planning to leave it. Exercise the one trait all winners have! Be yourself!

Mr. Playmate Box

Mr. Playmate Box

Start Using The One Trait All Winners Have

Are you tired of working long hours? Are you sick of being unappreciated and bossed around? If so, then a home business opportunity is the perfect solution. I knew from a young age that my life would be special. Something inside me refused to conform. After certain co-workers forced me to destroy Mr. Playmate Box for fear of getting in trouble, these feelings were once more confirmed. What about you? Do you want to be a lackey and take orders all your life? Do you want to hide your real self in exchange for a paycheck?

Use the one trait all winners have. It’s time to wake up and stop being afraid. I’m asking you to take a stand for your own personal liberty. Enter your e-mail in the box below this paragraph to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. If you really are serious and ready for a change, then prove it to me now. I’m heading to the top. I want to leave my job behind. If you feel the same way, then get the information. Start being yourself!

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