The Problem With Social Media Monkeys

Everybody loves monkeys. They’re cute, funny, and can do some pretty amazing things. There’s a video on YouTube with over 27 million views of a monkey with an AK47. Monkeys were important at the beginning of the Space Race, blasting through the atmosphere before their human handlers. In short, monkeys have always been awesome. Heck, what’s the best exhibit to visit at the zoo? There’s a certain group of monkeys, however, that are starting to appear online. These are social media monkeys, and there’s a chance you might be one of them.

The Problem With Social Media Monkeys

The Problem With Social Media Monkeys

Social media monkeys are credibility killers. They assassinate themselves with their posts, tweets, photos, and updates. As business owners and representatives of a product, you need to be very careful with how you portray yourselves online. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve witnessed this unintentional suicide of character. All eyes are on you in the world of social media. First impressions are made almost instantly, and the wrong post or photo can permanently tarnish your reputation. How many times have you followed or added someone who instantly turned you off? What did that do to their credibility in your eyes? Well, if you’re like me, then it probably damaged it for good. Learn from the mistakes of others. If you don’t want to be a social media monkey, then don’t adopt their habits.

The Online Habits Of Social Media Monkeys

I used to be a social media monkey. Yes, I admit it. I was the internet equivalent of a shrieking chimpanzee, a ranting rhesus with a matching self-awareness. Social media monkeys have certain telling habits. They behave in such a way as to get themselves attention. Whether out of loneliness, self-pity, boredom, or something else, these audacious anthropoids spout off like needy children. They constantly update their statuses with meaningless information, often giving way too much detail about personal events. For example, if the first thing I read upon following your fan page is how junior messed himself four times this morning, then I’m not going to take you seriously (unless your business deals with raising a baby).

There’s a time and place for sharing personal stories. What you need to do is distinguish between what is profitable and unprofitable for your business. A story related to your product or opportunity can be a very powerful influence, but so can an unrelated one. Social media monkeys generally make the mistake of using their online presence to discuss the wrong things. Being personable and injecting personality into your posts is a good thing, but you want to stay on topic. Effective business owners act like business owners and only deviate with style. You want to stay on task and interesting, yet do so with flair and an intriguing uniqueness. There’s a certain etiquette that comes with the territory. Humans have manners and monkeys don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Social Media Monkeys Are Religious And Political

I’m a man of faith and a politically charged individual. Like most people, I have very strong opinions in both of these areas. One thing I won’t do, however, is rant about either online. I used to be part of the crowd that incessantly dished out personal opinions on hot button issues. It was only after several years of observation that I realized this was foolish. Religion and politics are the two favorite topics of social media monkeys! You needn’t look far to find proof of this truth. Too many entrepreneurs get too caught up in this. What you believe is what makes you who you are, but it’s not directly related to business. Keep your fan pages free of these topics. Regardless of what you may think, people are biased and will judge you accordingly. Be smart in how you hone your public image.

Today’s world is one of political correctness. Although I’m not a fan of this modern standard, it’s just the way things are. Successful business owners know that character assassination is deadly. They understand that certain areas of discussion are best left for personal conversations. If you’re someone who feels the strong need to give an opinion, then do so from a private account. Some of the most wise entrepreneurs I know are people who follow this rule. They refuse to mix their business and personal lives, turning away clients and associates from their private page and directing them to a fan page. Social media monkeys don’t realize this. I, for one, don’t mind adding people to my personal page. I just don’t ever update it.

Don’t Be A Social Media Monkey!

Keep your personality. Flaunt it. Interject it into your business and your online presence. Just be wise in what you do. Social media monkeys are brash, reckless, and quick to speak. They don’t conduct themselves like leaders or business professionals. They use profanity, dirty images, and hot button issues to gain attention and spark controversy. They destroy their reputation. Some of the most damaging and detrimental actions are the easiest to avoid. It’s entirely possible to develop a following and create your own brand without falling into this trap.

The online world is huge. Social media has opened new avenues and provided unlimited access to countless numbers of consumers and colleagues. A big part of the game is in the vibe that you give off. People will run from a monkey with a gun (just watch the video above). The wrong tools in the hands of the wrong people will always cause the wrong result. Luckily, you now know the potholes to avoid on your journey. Social media is a remarkable source of power. If you use it responsibly and direct it the right way, then it can electrify your business and light up your life. Make it work for you. Don’t be a social media monkey!

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