Screaming In My Car!!!

Have you ever just felt so frustrated that you thought you were gonna explode? Have you ever felt so helpless, confused, and tired of going to a job that you absolutely despise?

I know I have.

One of the reasons I decided to start my own home business was to get away from that feeling. It wasn’t even so much the allure of excess money and material things. For me, a home business was the ticket to time freedom and happiness.

Screaming In My Car!!!

Screaming In My Car!!!

Sounds great, right? After all, who wouldn’t want the benefit of living by their own rules? Still, there’s a reason why 97% of people who start a home business FAIL. Yes, you read that right. Only 3% of people ever turn a sizable profit from their venture into home business.

So what does that mean?

Well, it means that desire alone is not enough to create success. Desire is the first step (and many people have it), but very few people with desire know how to properly utilize it. Discovering this is what changed my life… and my business.

There was a day when this truth really hit me. I was driving to work in my car, and I was just absolutely furious that I was wasting my time in exchange for such pay. The desire for success was there, and I truly did want it, but I was settling for bread crumbs ($10 an hour), and my business was stagnant.

As I drove down the highway, nearing closer to my place of employment, I started to scream. I screamed at the top of my lungs how I felt. I screamed about how TIRED I was of not seeing success. I screamed until my voice gave out (which resulted in some questions from my co-workers that day). I screamed from the bottom of my soul until everything was said.

That was the day that changed my life. Why? Because I realized that my desire alone was not enough. I realized that I needed to ACT on that desire and actually DO the things necessary to make my business grow.

So I did.

I went home and made perhaps the single most important purchase in my life.

I bought the Internet Wealth Blueprint because I needed an actual plan.


Floating along with a strong desire to succeed was not enough in itself. I needed practical steps for results. I needed to learn from someone who could teach me what I needed to know, and I needed to do it immediately.

So I did. I took the plunge and invested in my future.


Perhaps you know how I feel. Maybe you’ve been in the game for a while now, but you just haven’t prospered the way you know you should. Maybe your desire is there, but you just don’t have the plan.

Well, I have good news. The plan is here. Internet Wealth Blueprint holds your hand and leads you step by step down the road to success. Make the noble decision to mix your desire with action. Stop settling for less than you deserve!

Click below now for the life-changing plan that can jump-start your online success…


P.S. Don’t end up screaming in your car like me!!!

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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