Run In The Sun…Walk In The Shade

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Run In The Sun...Walk In The Shade

Run In The Sun…Walk In The Shade

One of the added benefits of these calls is that they are often hosted by some real big players. That is, you get a nice little jolt of wisdom and advice from some of the top names in the industry. Just the other day, for example, I heard an anecdote from Bill Pescosolido that really stuck with me.

Bill and his wife Michelle have been top online marketers for years now. In fact, Michelle is actually widely known as the “Facebook queen” of successful advertising. Anyway, I wanted to share Bill’s story with you today, because it is very relevant to your business success.

Bill and Michelle have a hiking trail near their home which they like to visit with their dog. They bike it, run it or simply walk it on occasion. After several trips to this trail, Bill began to notice a peculiar habit of his pet.

It can get pretty hot near where Bill lives, and his dog developed an interesting way of dealing with the heat. He’d make a habit of running in the sun and walking in the shade.

This particular habit intrigued Bill. He wondered why his dog would run in the sun when the temperature was so stiflingly hot.

After thinking about it for a while, Bill realized that his dog was actually smart. By running in the sun, this clever pooch was avoiding the amount of time it was spending in the heat.

He quickly drew parallels to business.

In business, all of us have both sunny and shady areas.

Sunny areas = areas of discomfort, weakness, inexperience, etc…

Shady areas = areas of comfort, strength, experience, etc…

Most of us tend to hide in our shady areas in an effort to avoid the sun. For instance, if we’re good at creating content but fearful of calling leads, then we’ll find a way to stay cool. We’ll keep out of the sun.

Bill urged us listeners to be more like his dog. We need to run through the sunny areas of our business. Successful and well-rounded marketers are good at all facets of the game. They find ways to push through their problem areas. If something is making you uncomfortable or fearful, then focus on running on through it. Don’t hang back in the shadows.

This begs me to ask you a question…

What is your sunny area?

Is it calling prospects on the phone?

Is it following up with those prospects?

Is it making videos or creating content?

Whatever it may be, we all have at least one sunny area that we need to focus on running through.

There are tons of people sitting around in the shade today. They’re taking it easy and playing it cool. Unfortunately, that’s not how progress is made.

The only way to travel the complete trail is to go through both the sunny AND shady areas. That’s the main point that Bill was trying to get across, and that’s the main point that I’m trying to get across to you.

Run in the sun and walk in the shade… it’s an interesting philosophy.

Take the time to analyze your business. Self-reflection and meditation are what allow you to see your flaws.

Focus on attacking them.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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