Present vs. Future

Somewhere over the course of the last week, a grim realization came to me. One night, while sitting at my laptop, it just kind of hit me.

America is lost.

Now, before you get all up in arms and think this is a post about politics or religion, calm yourself down. My reasoning for the above statement has less to do with politics and religion than it does to do with economic behavior.

Present vs. Future

Present vs. Future

America is made up of Americans, is it not?

This being the case, it is the actions of Americans that dictate how America performs as a nation in our world.

The same thing holds true for citizens of other countries. For instance, if you’re British, then your actions help dictate how England performs as a nation.

America’s biggest problem today is a result of this same concept.

Far too many Americans don’t take ANY action.

This is what I realized as I sat at my laptop that night.

Our modern world is one in which useless and unimportant information is thrown at us daily. We eat up all of the Hollywood gossip, political scandals and television shows. We charge credit cards, buy what we can’t afford and then wonder why we struggle financially. In short, we do what we want to do and forget about the consequences.

Multiply this flawed philosophy by millions upon millions of people, and what you get is a disaster.

People who live for the present are screwing up their future. It’s true on a personal level, and it’s true on a national level as well.

All of us need to have the discipline and foresight to make the right kind of choices NOW, so that our future will shine all the brighter LATER.

Although this may sound simple, most people can’t stay focused. The average individual would rather sit on their hands than get busy. They’d rather goof off than grow up. In a world where distractions are easy to come by, it’s tough to keep fully on track.

You need to find the discipline!

You need to find the tenacity and the drive!

All of this, though illustrated on a very broad level in this post, still applies to you quite personally. It applies to your life and to your business.

Are you taking the necessary action?

Are you doing what you have to do now, in the present, to assure a better future for yourself and for your loved ones?

These are very pertinent questions.

The future of this world will be written by all of us. The actions that each of us take (or don’t take) collectively build and compound upon themselves. By taking a stance to live for something more, you do your part in this struggle of philosophies.

Next time, I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful tools for growing your business. It ties in with what I’ve said here today, because it really can build for you a super awesome future (if YOU use it properly).

Be sure to tune in.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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