Night Talk: Inside The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

It’s hard for me to sleep at night. Counting sheep just doesn’t work. Years of working night shift has installed in me a backwards internal clock. This, combined with a very inquisitive mind, has led to many short-lived sleeps.

As a matter of fact, it’s just past 2 AM as I sit down to write this article. All is still and quiet at this strange time of night. There isn’t much going on. Outside my window is total blackness, a lone streetlight being the only exception. Every couple of hours a stray cat or passing rabbit might dart across the landscape. Otherwise, it’s dead.

Night Talk: Inside The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

Night Talk: Inside The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

I will say one thing though, as calm as it is at night, it sure makes it easy to think. There’s literally nothing to interrupt you. All the normal people have long since gone to bed. The only souls awake at night are the dreamers and the drunkards, the former being restless and the latter being lost.

Most of my writings revolve around a subject. It’s not often that I just sit down and allow myself to type. I try to motivate, illustrate and demonstrate, mainly in regards to business. Today, however, I’m taking a different route. I’m letting it all out.

What goes through the mind of an entrepreneur at 2 AM in the morning?

Allow me to share my thoughts.

All business owners operate at different specific stages. In other words, certain entrepreneurs are further along than others. This means that income and profit levels can range anywhere from zero to multiple millions of dollars. Although not yet where I want to be, my own income is hardly a matter of worry when I ponder late at night.

Good entrepreneurs don’t doubt themselves. They realize that money follows value. Therefore, if they focus on increasing their own level of market value, the money will follow accordingly. You won’t find many visionaries distraught and distressed over dollars.

Likewise, truly mature entrepreneurs are extremely self-confident. This isn’t to say that they’re arrogant. Wise business owners recognize the need for expansion and growth. They understand the importance of learning. They’re humble enough to admit their own limitations yet smart enough to overcome them. Confident entrepreneurs are curious entrepreneurs. They search out solutions to their problems.

Admittedly, some of my thoughts in the wee hours of the morning revolve around this subject. I pinpoint my own limitations. Honest self-reflection and truthful performance analysis are essential for proper planning.

Is what you’re doing working?

I ask myself this all the time.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, and you’ve given it enough time, then you need to adjust your approach.

These regular question and answer sessions, held within my own mind, do keep me guessing. Fortunately, I have at my disposal virtually every tool I need to assure my success in this industry (as do you if you want it), making any unplanned setbacks a temporary matter of fact.

Success is based on principles. People like to think that it comes from luck or favor, but it’s really just knowledge and guts. First, you have to learn what it takes to succeed. Second, you have to step up and actually do it. Problems arise when people are either too lazy to do step one or too scared to do step two. It’s simple.

All business talk aside, however, most of my nighttime thoughts are bigger. In the grand scheme of things, a few million dollars in profit (my established goal) isn’t really anything. It’ll keep you personally content, but it won’t solve any larger issues.

Most of my thoughts turn to my country.

The United States is changing…and not in a good way. The future of America is doubtful. Its position in world politics and economics is dwindling. In short, it’s dying fast. I often think of politics. I dream of a party for the people (non-Communistic of course), a practical and simple answer to the present ass and elephant.

Perhaps it’s just a hope, but you have to start somewhere.

Where I fit into this equation is still a matter of debate. Would I like to enter politics?

Only time will tell.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, my thoughts turn to family. I think of my own family and my own social future. I wonder who I’ll meet and eventually settle down with. I think of my future kids and my responsibility as a father. I think and plan these things in my mind, halfway dreaming and halfway preparing. I wonder what type of world they’ll live in, what type of country they’ll inherit.

This is what I think about at 2 AM in the morning. These are the subjects at hand.

I know I write a lot on mindset. I know I write a lot on drive. I do these things because people like you have the chance of a lifetime. You have the opportunity to lead and to influence, and it all starts right here.

Money is useless without a solid purpose. You could learn all of the latest marketing and business tips, SEO tricks, paid advertising strategies and more, but none of it would do you any real good if it didn’t give something back. True leaders focus on other people first. They put their own interests second.

Jim Rohn said it best when discussing a point from the Bible…“Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness.”

I hope you sleep better than I do.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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