Network Marketing: Failing Forward

Everyone fails. It doesn’t matter what you’re involved in, sooner or later you’re going to struggle. These moments of peril exist not as enemies but rather as allies to test your true strength. In this business, only the strong survive. In this industry, only the stubborn succeed.

Today, I want to talk with you about something important. It’s an idea that’s 100% necessary to grasp. Without it, the chances of you succeeding with your business are virtually reduced to zero.

Network Marketing: Failing Forward

Network Marketing: Failing Forward

Have you ever wondered why most people fail?

Why do the majority of network marketers never make any money?

These are very thought-provoking questions with numerous possible answers, but allow me to propose to you why I think this is.

Network marketing is a unique opportunity. It’s the last real shot at the American Dream. In an increasingly ruthless economic world, it’s the one remaining vehicle where a man (or woman) can start with nothing and still reach great heights.

Nevertheless, there’s a trade-off involved. As with anything new, failure exists. Failure, rejection, self-doubt and fear kill most people’s dreams. They start their own business with grand expectations, but in the end they quit.

All of this stems back to the idea of failure and how one personally relates to it. Those who take failure too seriously are doomed to disappointment. The key to this business is in always failing forward.

When most folks start this business, they do so tentatively. Instead of diving in and going full-throttle, they walk on eggshells and tiptoe through the tulips. You need to let go of the fear of failure. You need to overcome the aversion to struggle.

The concept of failing forward doesn’t mean you don’t fail. On the contrary, it means that you accept your failure and use it to your benefit. The more you fail, the quicker you’ll succeed. Failure allows you to adapt and grow, and when you adapt and grow consistently, your results start to improve.

Think of all the things that you’ve learned in your life. When you were a baby, you couldn’t even walk. Heck, you had to motor around on all fours just to get from place to place. Walking seemed daunting, and you failed the first few tries.

But where would you be today if you never learned to walk?

You persevered through the struggle, and you conquered that obstacle.

The same thing can be said of many different things. Picture your first kiss or your first time driving a car. These things may not have been pretty your first few tries, but that didn’t mean that you gave up and quit.

Everything in life is scary at first. Everything is unfamiliar when you’re first starting out. The only way to overcome this is to willingly fail. You need to be willing to make mistakes. You need to be willing to look like a fool.

History is filled with examples of this. Those who said the world was round were mocked for their beliefs. Scientists who thought the sun was the center of the solar system were viewed as evil heretics. Inventors like Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers failed thousands of times before eventually succeeding, taking on great criticism in the process.

All of these people conquered their hurdles. They failed again and again, but they understood and applied the idea of failing forward.

Failure is a required part of success. That’s just the way it is. But if you’re ever going to grow your business, then you need to accept the process. Use failure as a motivator and a tool of analysis. Reflect on your struggles, and adapt to get better. Only through learning can we ever advance, and only through failure can we ever begin to learn.

To close out this lesson, I want to share with you John Maxwell’s 7 Key Abilities for Effectively Failing Forward.

1. Reject Rejection

Network marketing is a business of rejection. People are going to tell you no. Never take rejection personally or emotionally invest in an outcome. View each no as a steppingstone to victory and not as a path to defeat.

2. View Failure as Temporary

Failure is never permanent unless you decide to quit. View each failure as a temporary setback that can quickly be overcome.

3. View Each Failure as an Isolated Incident

Don’t play connect-the-dots with your failures. When you start viewing things as a whole, it’s easy to become discouraged. See each failure as an isolated incident.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

This is an important one. The network marketing industry is known for its “push-button” solutions and numerous “magic” bullets. Ignore all this junk. Having a realistic expectation allows you to look past the hype and focus on what works.

5. Focus on Strengths

We all have our strengths. Some people are good inviters, some good prospectors and others good closers. Tailor your approach to best draw from your strengths.

6. Vary Approaches

Not everyone excels at the same exact strategies. Focus on your strengths and what you really enjoy doing. There are several different marketing tactics available to you (especially online).

7. Bounce Back

Successful people are resilient. Learn from your mistakes and move on. You will struggle when you first start out. Don’t let that bring you down!

Hopefully now you understand what failing forward is and how it applies to your business. Everyone fails. The difference between those who succeed and those who eventually quit is how they use that failure.

Use failure as your teacher. Use failure as your motivator. Use failure as your key to creating real success!

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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