My Gettysburg Trip

In taking a break from our normal discussion today, I wanted to share with you the story of my recent trip to Gettysburg.

I’m a very big fan of history. Not only did I study it in college, but I’m a big believer that the past is the real key to the future.

We can learn a great deal from our ancestors, both in business and in life. For this reason, even if you’re not a history buff like me, I hope you find this subject to be helpful in some way.

My Gettysburg Trip

My Gettysburg Trip

Almost everyone has heard of Gettysburg. As the turning point of the American Civil War, the battle that took place there was of pivotal importance. Even today, 150 years later, it draws tourists from all over the world.

Although I’d been there several times in the past, this particular trip was of special importance to me. Indeed, it was my first real visit to this hallowed ground since my life took on a change.

I spoke last time of finding the right opportunity. I talked about joining a company you could believe in and a cause you could support. Viewing this in light of my recent journey, I now realize this was exactly what the soldiers on that battlefield did (albeit on a much grander scale).

Far be it from me to compare any type of business to the deaths of selfless heroes, but there is something I want to say. The men on that battlefield, both blue and gray, were fighting for an ideal worth more than many of us can conceive. Freedom, as we know it today, was partially born of that conflict.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I never truly realized just how much that battle meant. Today, as I sit here and quietly reflect, I have an entirely different perspective.

Many young men gave their lives in that battle. Many young men died for freedom. Some died for a country, some died for a state, and some died for a cause that continued to live on. Their ultimate sacrifice, though largely forgotten now, is one of the greatest inspirations for a person such as me.

We all want to find our place in life.

We all want to leave our mark on history.

That’s the point of living- the chance to make a difference.

I’ve spent many a late night staring at the sky, thinking and praying that my life be used for good. It was this internal connection, this desire to change lives, which helped me appreciate Gettysburg in a very special way.

Walking the ground where so many gave up everything, I was struck with a humbling thought. Looking out over the marble monuments interspersed between fields of silent wheat and corn, I marveled at the reality of it all.

How could we forget this?

How could we ignore it?

How could we, the most privileged generation in the history of mankind, lose touch with our very heritage?

My mind flashed ahead to future wars- World War I and World War II. Would they also fade away? Had they already faded away?

It was a very candid moment.

I realized that my life was only as valuable as the contribution I brought with it. In other words, my true respect of the freedom so selflessly given to me could only be showcased through action.

My life had to have a purpose.

These thoughts, although deep and extremely personal, are my reason for writing this article. I want you to see just what it is that drives me forward.

My trip to Gettysburg was partly a leisure trip. It included time with family and friends, a ghost tour and moments of levity and fun. But at the same exact time, unbeknownst to anyone but me, it served a much bigger purpose.

It showed me why I do what I do.

I will never, nor can I ever, come close to giving the type of sacrifice those men on that battlefield gave. They gave everything so others could live a better life.

What I can do, however, is use my skills to the best of my ability. I can use my gifts and resources to help you with your business. That’s a small gift to give, but it’s something nonetheless.

Gettysburg put things in perspective for me. It helped me see that in this world of reality television, cell phones and widespread historical ignorance, some things take priority.

Respect is one of those things.

Never forget where you came from, and never forget where you’re going.

I hope you enjoyed my story. We’ll pick up with our business training next time.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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