Mindset Minute: Linear vs. Non-Linear Viewpoint on Money

Most people make the fatal mistake of correlating money to time. In other words, they think the only way to get rich is by working more hours or hoping that their boss gives them some type of raise.

This style of thinking is common, but it’s also very dangerous. People who think this way will never become rich. If you’re relying on the old time for money trade to eke out a living, then there’s something you haven’t learned.

Wealthy people become wealthy because they think a different way. In their eyes, earning money is a non-linear process that relies more on value than time. Wealthy people know, and typically demonstrate, that solving problems and using leverage is a much better option than working more hours.

Fortunes can be created almost overnight with the right type of idea. That’s what you need to realize.

Making money is a NON-LINEAR process. If you keep this fact in mind, and you use it to your benefit, then you’ll be that much closer off to your goal of greater wealth.


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