Habits dictate our lives.

Humans are creatures of habit. Everything we do is related to patterns. This is something I never used to notice but something definitely true.

Think about your daily routine. Most people, with very few exceptions, behave the exact same way each and every day. From the time they wake up until the time they go to bed, they follow a similar course.



Let’s look at a hypothetical situation for the sake of a good example.

Picture your typical working man.

He wakes up every morning at around the same time. Rolling out of bed and cursing his alarm clock, he then proceeds to take a shower and head downstairs for breakfast. After putting on some coffee and pouring a bowl of cereal, he reads over the newspaper and waits for his caffeine.

Sometime later his wife and kids join him, each of them following their own set patterns. Interaction is typically relegated to necessary dialogue only.

Following breakfast, the man gets dressed and heads off to work, taking the same exact route as he took the day before. His whole morning has been nothing but habit.

Once at work, our example working man continues a similar path. From things as trivial as saying “good morning” to duties as important as handling accounts, this man’s actions are clearly consistent.

How he answers the phone, what he has for lunch, if and when he calls his wife…. all of these behaviors are habitual in nature.

Once work ends, the man heads home and whines about his day. He reprimands his kids for not doing their homework, argues a little with his wife about finances, then sits down in front of the television set.

Several hours later he stumbles into bed and waits to do it all over again.

Not exactly the most uplifting example, huh?

Each day of our lives is a new opportunity. Habits, however, play an extremely large role in what we make of each day. Most people, through no real intention of their own, kill themselves with habit. Time flies by. If you don‘t form good habits and actively maintain them, then it won’t be long before bad habits creep in and take their place.  

This is true of people of all ages and varying degrees of intelligence.

People who succeed on a grand scale, though not always brilliant, always have good habits.

Where could our example man be if he had altered just a few daily habits?

Where could you be if you altered just a few daily habits?

If you aren’t where you want to be right now in life, business or any other category, then it’s probably because of your habits.

Write down what you do each day.

Write down your work habits and write down your play habits.

How do they contribute to your standard of living?

How do they contribute to your business?

Many folks form bad habits and don’t even realize it. What you do eventually becomes who you are. Work to be conscious of exactly where you’re going.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

P.S. Write down a list of your current bad habits and think of how you can change them.

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