Good or Bad Marketing?

Today’s motivational Monday topic is one that should create some healthy debate and discussion. I’m going to share with you my own take on this, and I’m also going to encourage you to share your own opinion.

Is it good or bad marketing to flash money, cars and fancy homes to spur interest in your offer?

This type of “marketing” has been around for a long time. It plays on the emotion of greed by building up desire for cash and similar goodies.

Good or Bad Marketing?

Good or Bad Marketing?

Personally, I absolutely hate this kind of approach. Nothing looks more like a scam than a fat wad of hundred dollar bills complete with ad copy that promises “$10,000 a week with zero sign-ups, cold-calls or hardly any work necessary.”

It’s amateur hour on Facebook.

Even if this stuff works, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, it’s very unprofessional and unseemly.

You aren’t going to attract the right kind of prospects by flaunting all your Benjamins. I’ve yet to see an industry leader market in this fashion.

You might be able to tell that I’m fairly passionate about this. It just seems that an influx of this type of promotion has recently hit Facebook. I’m not exactly sure why, but it sort of irks me to see it.

This type of advertising is what gives network marketing a bad name. Uneducated people, who don’t understand the concept, see these types of ads, and they incorrectly assume “pyramid scheme” or “scam.”

Sadly, I can’t really blame them. I’d think the same thing!

In conjunction with this, and even more blatantly unprofessional, are the postings in so-called “network marketing” Facebook groups.

Almost every single one of these groups is nothing but a pitch-fest. One offer after another is posted on these pages, with very little to zero value ever being given.

It’s my humble opinion that this type of marketing stems from a lack mentality and a personal lack of confidence.

Leaders don’t do this.

If you want to attract leaders, people you can build a business with, then you need to attract them to you. Playing on greed and vomiting your offer will never work in the long term. It might get you a few sales and sign-ups and make you some quick money, but it won’t build you an enterprise or mold your reputation.

What you need to realize is that you have all the tools necessary to become a real leader. You can have people asking you to join your team.

But you’re not going to get there by bragging and showing off.

You’re not going to get there by posting pictures of cash, cars and mansions.

You’re not going to get there by lying about how “easy” and “effortless” it is.

Building a business takes time and hard work. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you operate with class, integrity and persistence, then you will eventually break through.

Become the person you’re capable of becoming. Become the person who’s worth listening to for who they are instead of what they have.

This is my take on this controversial issue.

How about you?

Do you think this type of approach is good or bad marketing?

Why, or why not?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Let’s get a good discussion going!

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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  1. I agree with you completely Alex, and what’s more it smacks of desperation

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