Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

We all have good intentions when it comes to building wealth.

We all want to make enough money to provide comfort and security for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Though personal goals and aspirations may vary, it’s a safe bet to say that we all (myself and those of you reading this) are pretty hungry.

Good Intentions Aren't Enough

Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Building a business from scratch will test you. It will test your patience, strength, endurance and mental fortitude. It will knock you down, beat you up, and it might even make you cry. You’ll want to quit, give up, make excuses, blame others and procrastinate on what you know you need to do. It will do all those things to you, and it will reveal WHO YOU ARE in the process. Good intentions simply aren’t enough. You have to be a fighter to make it in this industry. You have to be a stubborn, determined, never-say-die fighter.

What are your challenges right now?

Are they mental, physical or technological handicaps?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

One of the trademarks of the home business industry is the endless stream of noise. Everyone has a product to offer as an answer to a problem. Regardless of what you buy, however, the first step forward starts with YOU.

It doesn’t matter if you buy the most advanced and sophisticated training program imaginable. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend. Nothing will ever change for you unless you first resolve to change.

The good intentions we all start out with are paper hopes that crumple at the first sign of adversity. You need an iron will. You need an ice cold, undeterred, unshakeable focus.

You need to want your goal more than anything else on earth.

That last sentence, although seemingly extreme, is the key to your very future.

Read it again.

Most people just aren’t hungry enough for what they supposedly desire financially. Born into a world where most of us can afford luxury items on a minimum wage salary, we find it easy to slack off. We become content and complacent instead of hungry and determined.

We should all be millionaires.

In a world with as much opportunity as this one, we should all be amazingly wealthy.

The only reason we aren’t is because we convince ourselves we can’t. We buy into a philosophy that encourages mediocrity.

Step back for a moment.

Are you making progress EVERY DAY?

Are you zeroing in on your goals with the centralized focus of a laser beam?


Are you settling for good intentions?

Get hungry for success! You can do anything you put your mind to!

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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