Finding Greatness

What makes someone great? This is a question I often think on when things get quiet at night. What makes life worthwhile?

When you first started your business, you probably did so for you. Maybe you wanted some extra income or a chance to save on products. Maybe you liked the idea of residual paychecks or the vision of your company. Whatever your reasons for starting, odds are they centered on you.

Finding Greatness

Finding Greatness

Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with self-interest. Bettering one’s life is a commendable aspiration. Finding greatness, however, takes more than just that.

Of all the reps of all the companies in this wonderful industry of ours, what sets apart the leaders? What makes someone rise to the level of a guru?

Success certainly helps. People like following people they know are making money. But what is it that allows them to make such large amounts?

The answers to these questions are important to uncover. For only in understanding what makes up a leader can you too aim to become one.

I think the first step in this whole process is in seeing your own ability. Even if your goals are large, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have confidence. Discouragement chips away at it. As obstacles arise and hurdles creep up, many give up out of lack of assurance.

Finding greatness, therefore, is only possible if you think you’re great. That doesn’t mean you need to be arrogant. All it means is you need to be positive. You need to see yourself for what you can accomplish, even if you’ve yet to get there at the present.

Great people have a vision that continually drives them. They have an agenda that’s larger than themselves. If all you seek is personal gain, then greatness will always elude you. You may find fame, you may find fortune, but you’ll never find greatness without helping others.

This takes us back to the start of this article. When you first began your business, who were you focused on?

If you’re honest, you’d most likely say you were focused on you.

The people who excel in this industry, or any industry for that matter, are people who focus on others. They still seek personal success, they still want to do well, but their primary motivation is that others might benefit.

Finding Greatness

Finding Greatness

This is greatness.

This is selflessness.

This is the pure embodiment of a real servant attitude cloaked in a vision of endless abundance.

This isn’t self-sacrifice to the point of free charity. It’s not the refusal of profits for aid. It’s simply an approach that puts others first, igniting your own results in the process.

Now that you know what makes up true greatness, you need to discover its meaning for you. How will your greatness change people’s lives?

I’m not just referring to the use of your product or the income potential of your business opportunity. I’m talking at a whole different level of success.

How will your greatness better someone’s life?

When you start to discover how much you can do, the importance of your efforts starts to materialize. Your greatness, or lack thereof, is negatively or positively affecting other people. At this very moment, your action or inaction is indirectly influencing thousands of lives.

What I’m saying is we all have greatness. Some just never choose to discover it. Les Brown says, “You have greatness within you!”

But for those who never use that greatness, not only do they fail themselves, but they also fail the thousands of people their greatness could have touched!

How powerful that is!!

Finding Greatness

Finding Greatness

What if some of history’s greatest men and women had never found their greatness that was waiting to be shared?

What if the colonists had paid Britain’s taxes?

What if Rosa Parks had went to the back of the bus?

What if men like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers and so many others had given up on greatness before it brought results?

What would the world look like?

You have that same greatness within you right now. Whether you believe it or not, the potential for your life is just as great as any of the people above. In fact, with the tools at your disposal today, it might even be greater.

All that’s holding you back is you.

Your self-limiting beliefs and internal fears are keeping your influence grounded. Your perception of what you think is realistic is keeping you mediocre.

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance that your business is your vehicle to greatness. It’s what you need to use to better people’s lives, to leave your mark on history.

If this is indeed the case, then there’s something I need to ask you.

Are you treating it as such?

Are you treating your business as your chance to leave your mark?

Think over those questions, and answer them carefully. View your situation for what it truly is. If the answer is no, it’s still not too late.

Someone has said that the richest places on earth are the cemeteries. Why? Because cemeteries are filled with the dead hopes and dreams of those who once lived without ever living. They’re lined with row upon row of untapped greatness, silent testimony to the power of fear and self-doubt.

You won’t live forever, but your greatness can live. It’s all just a matter of what you decide.

Finding greatness isn’t hard. We all have it in us. What’s hard is finding courage enough to act on that greatness. What’s hard is finding guts enough to share it with the world.

Most won’t do it. They won’t beat the fear. They’ll live their lives in quiet protest, periodically rebelling but ultimately acquiescing, victims of a vision that lacks in understanding.

But for those who do find it, for those special few, life can be something that words can’t describe. Life can be something fantastically amazing.

I hope you’ll make the choice to find your inner greatness, and I hope you’ll use that greatness to better people’s lives.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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