Facebook Marketing Gold

Facebook is still the king of social media- at least when it comes to marketing.

The opportunity to create success on Facebook is there. It’s just up to you as to whether or not you see any.

Picture if you will the biggest gold mine in existence. Now picture a bunch of lazy miners who are too excited about the gold to actually mine and dig for it. They’d rather talk about how their pickaxe is sharper than everyone else’s. That’s Facebook.

What you need to do is be a different kind of miner.

Facebook Marketing Gold

Facebook Marketing Gold

Be the type of gold prospector who’s willing to dig for gold. Beyond that, be the type of prospector who’s willing to dig for gold and help your neighbor dig as well.

There’s plenty of gold to go around.

There are more than enough prospects online to make you a king’s fortune.

When it comes to Facebook, there are several strategies you can use to start making money.

Whether it’s sales, sign-ups or something else you seek, some of the simplest techniques can generate you awesome results if you’re simply willing to help people.

Value is the word of the day. In a place where everyone is pitching one another, imagine what you could do if you actually took the high road.

What if you actually cared more about providing value than you did about making money?

What if you worked harder on building a reputation than you did on building a downline?

Isn’t that counterproductive?

Not at all.

It may seem that way to the untrained eye, but money always follows value. Put others first and things will start happening!

So what are some Facebook marketing techniques that you can implement right away?

Well, here are some free strategies that I use quite often.

1. Reach out to people on fan pages

This is a great place to meet wonderful prospects and awesome new friends. Hang around Facebook fan pages of worthwhile leaders and mentors. Some examples of these are Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro).

Locate a prospect on one of these pages and send them a private message. Get to know them! Make friends! It’s called network marketing for a reason!

2. Post value-filled entries in home business Facebook groups

Facebook groups are spam central station. You can stand out from the crowd by actually providing value. If everyone else around you is screaming, and you suddenly start to whisper, people are going to look your way out of sheer curiosity!

The key phrase is value-filled.

These are two of my favorite techniques to use. If you’d like to learn more, I’m going to show you something next week which will really interest you!

But you’ll have to wait until Tuesday 😉

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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