Conquering Rejection

When attempting to build a team of distributors in a business such as network marketing, it’s impossible to not get rejected.

Actually, if you’re doing it right, you should be getting rejected more than once a day. It shows that you’re taking the time to present your opportunity to others.

How do you expect to build a team of followers if you aren’t even talking to people?

Conquering Rejection

Conquering Rejection

It’s like trying to find your true love by sitting at home and waiting for the phone to ring. It’s just not how it works. You have to meet people, make connections and determine if they’re qualified to work with you.

Too many networkers and online marketers come from a position of weakness. YOU are the one in control. YOU are the one with the power. By offering someone a chance to work with you, it is YOU who are providing a solution.

When someone rejects you for one reason or another, it’s because they aren’t ready. They aren’t ready for the opportunity you have. Assuming that your company is reputable and that you’re someone worth working with, the only person losing is them.

There’s a bias that lurks beneath the surface of our industry. Some people, who aren’t mature enough or courageous enough to become an entrepreneur, find validation through rejection. They reject your opportunity because they’re fearful and unsure.

Most people aren’t entrepreneur material. We live in a world where the accepted way of making a living is punching a time clock. That’s the standard. You punch the clock, work hard and hope that you get a raise. That’s reality for most people. It may be boring, tedious and predictable, but it certainly isn’t risky. Most people choose security over riches. They don’t want to take financial risk, so they settle for mediocrity.

You want people on your team who KNOW they’re going to make it. These are people who stare straight down the barrel of risk and flash a defiant smile. They’re confident. They’re open-minded. They aren’t afraid of failure or rejection. These are the people who you want to seek out.

It’s so easy, especially in today’s world, to hide behind a computer. There’s always so much to learn and implement (capture pages, autoresponders, Facebook ads, etc…). We get so caught up in the technical aspects of marketing that we fail to make time for the profit-producing activities.

It’s a form of subconscious stalling.

Since sharing our opportunity may end in rejection, we search for ways to stave it off. This is the great trap of this industry. It’s also the main reason why well-meaning and knowledgeable entrepreneurs aren’t making money.

You have to conquer the fear of rejection if you ever want to succeed. You have to overcome the desire to stall.

I used to be so afraid of what other people thought. I used to worry about getting insulted or brought down. It held me back. All of the “what ifs” that formed in my head were keeping me from moving.

Although you may encounter the occasional idiot or rude individual who tries to squash your dreams, the vast majority of interactions are far from painful. Most people are very professional and courteous, even in rejection.

Either way, if you’re truly determined to make it in this business, then none of it really matters. You WILL find a way to succeed.

What is it you fear most?

Is it face-to-face meetings?

Is it phone calls?

Discover what’s keeping you from sharing your opportunity. Uncover your weakness, and then bring it to an end.

One tool which I’ve used to conquer my fear of the phone is the Black Belt Recruiting series.

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This is a series of interviews between Mike Dillard and recruiting expert Mark Wieser in which Mark shares his secrets to effectively using the phone. Mark has sponsored over 250 reps a year into his primary company as a result of the strategies here, and I’d highly recommend it to any serious marketer.

Check out the free video series by clicking the link below:


Don’t let rejection hold you back from success.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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