Choosing The RIGHT Opportunity…

Last time, I shared with you my experience of choosing the WRONG home business opportunity. I had joined a company I didn’t believe in for all the wrong reasons, and I ended up quitting as a result. It was a disheartening moment to say the least.

With this fresh in mind, allow me to say something that may be hard for you to fully accept.

Money, in small or great quantities, should NOT be your main motive for starting a business. If all you’re after are the fancy cars and giant mansions, then you aren’t focused on GIVING VALUE.

Choosing The RIGHT Opportunity...

Choosing The RIGHT Opportunity…

Whereas there’s nothing wrong with reaping what you sow, you also want to have a deeper purpose than just income. You want to earn money while helping other people, and you want to have fun in the process.

This is why selecting the RIGHT business opportunity is such an important decision.

After my misfire with my first home business company, I spent some time away from the industry. I didn’t know that there were other options out there, and I was kind of scared to look for any.

The idea of chasing after people didn’t appeal to me. Neither did the prospect of wearing a phony smile or pushing products I didn’t believe in. I liked the idea of owning a business, but I had no clue how to do it.

Luckily for me, a solution soon presented itself.

For almost a year, I had ignored a very popular workout program which I had purchased from an infomercial. It just sat there on my shelf.

One day, after staring at it for a while, I finally worked up the nerve to actually try it out. Needless to say, I was absolutely blown away!

In stark contrast to what you typically see with workout DVDs, this one was tough! Making it through the first day was a challenge in itself. Anyway, over the course of the next few months, I totally fell in love with it.

I had found a passion within myself for exercise and fitness, and the product I was using was both challenging and fun.

Sometime during this period, I discovered an opportunity. While surfing the web one day after a particularly tough workout, I stumbled across the webpage of the product I was using. Imagine my surprise when I realized what I saw!

There, at the top of the page, was a link that led to a business opportunity!

I had found it by sheer luck!

After purchasing and falling in love with an awesome fitness product, I now had the chance to build a business around marketing this same great thing (as well as many other products).

I signed up right there. I didn’t even hesitate.

This met all of the criteria I had outlined for myself.

If you recall, last time I gave you three questions to consider when selecting a home business:

1. Why is this opportunity right for me?

2. Is this something I can truly believe in?

3. Does this opportunity coincide with my personal values?

In answering these questions in regards to this opportunity, my answers were as follows:

Question 1: It’s right for me because I have experience with the products. I enjoy physical challenges and motivating others to reach their maximum potential. I believe good health is an integral part of living well. I believe everyone can benefit from regular physical exercise, as well as from proper nutrition and a healthy diet. This subject interests me greatly.

Question 2: This is definitely something I can believe in, because I know that it actually works. I’ve purchased and used the items that I’m marketing, and I’ve found them to be of the highest quality available. They deliver on their promises so long as you take action.

Question 3: My personal values are not compromised by this company in the slightest. I feel that they lead by example from the top down. They don’t sell with gimmicks or fluff. They tell it like it is, and they don’t sugarcoat the fact that you have to work hard if you want to see results. This is my kind of opportunity.

Take the time to ask yourself these same questions when weighing your own opportunity.

Is it truly a good fit for you?

Likewise, if you’ve yet to find an opportunity for yourself, use these few questions as guidelines for comparison.

If you think my opportunity might be something you’d enjoy, then send me a message on Facebook. I’m always open to working with serious individuals. In fact, that’s probably my favorite part of owning a home business- the chance to work with other people.

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We’ll pick up here next time.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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