Choosing A Network Marketing Company

If you’ve been following along with our last few lessons, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what makes for the RIGHT type of business opportunity. You also probably have a pretty good idea of what makes for the WRONG type of business opportunity.

We’ve already gone over the basics of what to look for. We’ve mentioned several key points of interest, three of which can be summarized in the form of simple questions.

Choosing A Network Marketing Company

Choosing A Network Marketing Company

1. Why is this opportunity right for me?

2. Is this something I can truly believe in?

3. Does this opportunity coincide with my personal values?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions and answered them in earnest, the next step in the selection process is reviewing company basics.

Most network marketing companies offer fairly decent compensation plans. Most also offer products to a fairly hungry target market. Many people make the mistake of joining a company for financial reasons alone (bigger compensation plans, larger bonuses, etc…), rather than focusing their attention on the more important details.

You most certainly want to choose a company with a solid compensation plan, but you don’t want that to be your sole motivation. People who join for money will rarely stay committed. This is why finding the RIGHT opportunity, something you can truly believe in, is such an important step.

Someone who loves what they promote will take more action than someone who doesn’t. It’s a simple fact of business.

Would you put your heart and soul into marketing coins if you’d rather be selling vitamins?

Of course you wouldn’t. It would be a half-hearted way of doing business.

Do what you love. Believe in what you do. Money comes to those who ply their craft with honest passion. If you can’t get excited about a company or opportunity, then don’t join its ranks! Find something you’re passionate about! There are plenty of options out there.

You can save yourself a great deal of time and worry by asking questions and doing research. Only a fool would join something they know nothing about. Grill the person who introduced you to the opportunity, ask them questions and voice concerns. Do your homework!

Choosing to join a business is a decision that affects your future- both financially and otherwise. You have every right to know every necessary detail to make an informed decision.

In asking these questions, you’ll also have an opportunity to test your up-line’s knowledge. You want to work with the best of the best. I began my business with zero help from anyone, and it took me a very long time to learn what I know now.

Save yourself months of clueless frustration by surrounding yourself with well-informed leaders. A good mentor goes a long way in learning how to make it. This industry is one where leadership shines through. It’s a priceless quality to have.

In summary of today’s short lesson, therefore, the main point to leave with is this:

Find a solid opportunity you can believe in. Determine if this opportunity has a worthwhile compensation plan and a well-informed up-line. Ask questions and do your homework to determine if it’s credible. If it passes all these tests, and you feel you’re qualified to join, then it might be time to do so.

You don’t want to sit around forever once you’ve found the perfect business.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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