Branding YOU: Prince Wears High Heels?

You can find a hundred articles online about how to best brand yourself. There are even entire courses devoted to the subject. Branding, when it comes to your business, is an extremely important subject to master.

The right branding, in the right niche, can generate immense interest and extensive exposure for your product or service. The wrong branding, however, can be just as influential. Many a well-meaning marketer has sabotaged their business through neglect of this ultra-essential skill.

Branding YOU: Prince Wears High Heels?

Branding YOU: Prince Wears High Heels?

The purpose of this article is to help you with this topic. It’s to get you thinking about what you’re currently doing with your branding and also what you need to adjust to improve. Sometimes even the smallest tweaks can significantly enhance your results.

To start with, you need to know who you’re trying to reach. Branding can only be effective if you have a target audience. In order to find this audience, you need to look at what you’re selling.

All the winning brands are experts at positioning. They excel at this because they know their market. They know the people they are trying to reach, and they position themselves in such a way as to gain the respect of those people.

You can’t sell meat to a vegetarian. If you’re in the meat selling business, then you want to find people who enjoy a juicy steak. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in branding is in trying to reach everyone.

Not everyone wants what you have. The key is in finding those who do and positioning yourself as an expert among them.

In other words, once you find your target audience; show them you’re for real.

A brand is solidified through the giving out of value. The more value you give to your target audience, the better you position yourself. And the better you position yourself, the more they grow to know, like and trust you.

Hint: People buy from those they know, like and trust.

Below is a video with a great example of this.

Prince has sold over 100 million records. As of 2014, he’s worth an impressive $300 million. That’s enough money for a bunch of “little red corvettes” (couldn’t resist).

How did he become so successful?

You could argue showmanship and singing ability, but there’s more to it than just that. Unique as he may be, Prince has found his niche.

He understands that he doesn’t need everyone in order to be successful. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t listen to him. There’s a few of his songs that I find alright, but I’ve never bought an album from him.

Do you think he cares if I do or not?

I used Prince as an example, but you could plug in any entertainer. People with a brand don’t care about the haters. People with a brand know they have a following. So Prince wears high heels? Some people dig it!

The point I’m really getting at is to just be yourself!

Too often when it comes to branding, we try to copy experts. We look at what’s working for someone else, and we try to duplicate their success. This defeats the whole idea of branding!

You may want to duplicate some of their marketing strategies and advertising tools, but don’t copy their brand. Dare to be yourself! Let go of your inhibitions and be who you really are. The right type of followers will find their way to you.

If one thing is evident, it’s that anyone and everyone with the courage to brand themselves will absolutely gain a following. Look at most celebrities. If you think Prince and his high heels are strange, then you need to do more research. From Miley Cyrus to Marilyn Manson, people with a brand are loved by their fans.

Why should you be any different?

Remember, if you’re in internet or network marketing, then you’re playing in a wide open niche. There are very few people with a solid brand right now.

Want to stand out and explode your business? Then share real value with a dash of personality. Don’t hold back. When you let go of the idea that you need to please everyone, then you’re able to show the real you.

This is by and large the most important advice you can ever receive about branding. Most people fail because they’re afraid to be themselves. They market to the wrong target audience or they market to everyone.

If you want to see results, then you need to start attracting your own loyal following. And the best way to do that is by being yourself. People hate fake, and they can see it from a mile away. Don’t be just another marketer who leads with their product or service! Become the leader who brands their own person!

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Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

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2 Responses to “Branding YOU: Prince Wears High Heels?”

  1. Alex

    Great article! I agree, branding is key to building a successful business. The mistake that most home business owners make is they brand the company they joined and not themselves.
    I love Prince! That was a great example. He is certainly unique and has his own niche following.
    We don’t have to attract everyone to be successful. I think many home business owners try to hard to be everything to everyone and they really don’t have to.
    Thanks again for a value-drive post!

    • Thanks Lisa! 🙂 …wonderful point about people branding their company instead of branding themselves. You needn’t look far to find that! We just need to attract the people who resonate with us!!

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