Attraction Marketing

Almost every active person in the home business industry has heard of attraction marketing. You probably have as well.

Ever since Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” course came out several years back, the idea of actually “attracting” prospects has really taken off.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

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And why wouldn’t it?

After all, it certainly beats chasing down people in supermarkets and begging them to come to hotel meetings.

It was a revolutionary discovery based heavily on psychological and behavioral principles. Needless to say, all of us practice attraction marketing every day. Whether we know it or not, we attract every single thing that comes into our lives.

The best way I can describe this all-important concept is this:

Attraction marketing is consistently being who you are.

Many times in network marketing, people try to be somebody else. They look at all of the gurus who are making tons of money and they think they need to be like them. They overlook the fact that people can read deception.

If you’re acting like someone you’re not, then sooner or later it WILL catch up to you.

Don’t fake who you want to be, but actually BECOME the type of person you desire. That’s the whole point of personal development. I look at who I am today, a year from the start of my journey, and I’m amazed at just how different I am. I’m like a totally different person.

I remolded and remodeled my philosophy of life by feeding my brain the right type of material. I didn’t try to fake who I was. Even today, as far as I’ve come, I still have much to learn. That’s okay. I embrace the fact that I’m growing and continuing to get better. I don’t hide behind a fake persona.

There are two important words to always remember to live by:


People will be attracted to you because of who you are. If you try to fake who you are and sell the world a lie, then one of two things will happen.

1. You’ll forever be forced to keep up a false image, lying to your followers in an effort to appease them.

2. You’ll eventually let your guard down and be branded as a fraud.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just be honest from the start?

It’s about honesty and consistency. As long as you are honest and consistent, you will always win in the long run.

Work to develop the skills of a leader, and you will attract other leaders to you. Work to put up a false front for others, and you will attract other fake people to you. This is true in both business and life.

You are unique to you. There isn’t anyone else like you. Build your business around yourself. Embrace the quirks, curiosities and goofiness. Be real and genuine. People respect an honest individual, particularly when it comes to business.

Attraction marketing is happening right now. You may not recognize it, but your business at this very moment is the result of attraction marketing. As I said earlier, all of us are doing it.

By being who you are, you attract what comes your way. The only question is whether or not you’re attracting the right things.

You may need to change who you are. You may need to change how you think. It all starts with YOU!

For more on this important topic, I would strongly suggest Mike Dillard’s famous “Magnetic Sponsoring” e-book:


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